jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

10 oraciones en negacion

.I live in New York.- I do not live in New York- Do I live in New York?
2.I always brush my teeth.- I dont always brush my teeth- Do i always brush my teeth?
3.All living creatures need water to live.- Not all living creatures need water to live - Do all living creatures need water to live?
4.Hurricanes are very dangerous.-Hurricanes are not very dangerous- Are hurricanes very dangerous?
5.She loves Michael. - She doesnt love Michael-Does she loves Michael?
6.She lives in Denver. -She doesnt live in Denver- Does she lives in Denver?
7.Mike has two daughters.- Mike doesnt have two daughters- Does Mike has two daughters?
8.I understand you perfectly!-I do not understand you perfectly- Do I understando you perfectly?
9.Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson have eight grandchildren.-Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson does not have eight grandchildren- Does Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson have eight grandchildren?
10.Your father works here.- Your father doesnt work here-Does your father works here?

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